Starts December 4th


During the 4 Week Beta Test You will get: 

Four weeks (8 glute workouts + videos, 4 specific cardio plans) designed for glute growth & booty gains. These workouts are designed for IN THE GYM. You will need a gym membership. 

Intermediate to advanced fitness level. If you've been in the gym, or doing a workout program for 6 months or more, this Glute Gainz Project will work well for you, as it needs heavy weights, a solid core, and knowledge of functional movements. 

Written workout plan. Exercise tutorial videos. Following the schedule, 3x a week will build you some noticable booty gains in 4 weeks. Stick to the plan and build & lift the glutes. 

If you are new to the lifts, there are detailed videos tutorials with exercise instruction. Workouts are 45 mins-1hr, with 3 days of cardio. This will be a commitment! 

Your Commitments to the Beta Program: 

Complete the program in it's entirety. The only way to get results is to show up. (Top prize for biggest transformation in 4 weeks!)

Post before pictures & after pictures with honest testimonial. 

Post on social media using #glutegainzproject and the 12-15 workouts you did over 4 weeks. (Top prize for biggest transformation in 4 weeks!) 

Write a testimonial about the program - what you loved about it and how it worked for you. 

Participate in the 4 week private Facebook group with weekly checkins on progress.

Provide feedback on how to make the Glute Gainz Project an elite level training program for women across the globe. 

A chance to become an affiliate for the program, and make a % off of future sales.