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Do do you wake up with a feeling of anxiety and always think you are not doing enough? Do you have a long to-do list, and worry about disappointing people? Is it hard for you to say "no" without justifying it? If so, your worry stops here.

I can help you.

It’s time to get control over your thoughts, emotions and energy

The problem is not your 'to-do' list, your partner or your boss's demands. It is the way your brain tells you that no matter what - it is just never enough. The good news is, I can help you with releasing anxiety. We can break the pattern so you can have work life balance. More ease.

My method is a simple 4-part process called Inner Peace Pathway. And it's worked for all of my overachieving clients -- even the skeptical ones ; ) It starts with energetically shifting so we can get you unstuck. Then, you can take aligned action (based on your values). Next, you celebrate and validate yourself so you no longer need validation from others. As a result, you will know how to set energetic boundaries -- so you are no longer saying "yes" to things out of obligation. You will feel so good about yourself and your decisions, that you are no longer seeking acceptance and approval from others.

I’m here to support you.

I’m Camy Kennedy, Life Coach, Author, Intuitive, & Reiki Practitioner. I've been supporting people just like you for over 7 years to love and accept themselves so fully that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks!

With a BS in Molecular Cell Biology and a background in psychology, I've developed my own coaching framework that I have certified other coaches in. This process works on an energetic and emotional level and is based on brain science and quantum physics. When you learn to be a master of your emotions, you can create any result!

Ways to Work With Me

1-on-1 Coaching

Our initial session begins with free 60-minute consultation where we you will find out exactly how to break the patterns. By the end of this call you will know whether it is a good fit to begin a 6 month 1:1 coaching package.

Anxiety Detox Course

This lifetime-access course is designed for people pleasers to release anxiety and stop worrying what other people think. It includes monthly group coaching. You can find out if it's right for you by watching the Free Training here.

Read My Book

This entire purpose of this book is to help you be happy now - not "when" the next goal is reached. You can find it on Amazon and Kindle. 'It's Happy Now: The Happiness Handbook for High Achievers'

“After working with a therapist on my codependency issues, I never really felt like we went deep enough. Then I found Camy, and she helped me get to the root of why my brain was thinking this way so I could change it!"

David, Photographer

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It's time for you to stop worrying what other people think of you

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