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“Camy taught me to feel my emotions and allow them to pass. She was understanding and gave me a backbone to stand in my values. Because of her I got the confidence to start my weekly LIVE interview show because I stopped caring what others would think."

Mellisa, Blogger


I over came people pleasing by stepping into my self worth. Working with Camy helped me getting clarity about my values, um, and my own purpose and how I can and how I will never of anyone,  or someone else abuse me and treat disrespectfully.

Jan, Assistant


Before working with Camy, I had a lot of thoughts, ambitions and goals, but I was just not sure how to really put them together. It was kind of like a puzzle with missing pieces. Now, I've got clarity of vision, confidence and a greater sense of peace.

Taylor, Administrator


Camy will help you discover your why, your struggles and will move you toward the finish line, and cheer you on in the journey and as you cross the finish line(s). If you aren't afraid to laugh, cry, work and see results, I would highly recommend Camy ... [From this process] I'm no longer a paralyzed perfectionist! I'm moving forward and celebrating myself! I celebrated posting 3 Facebook LIVES - even without eye makeup! That is a huge win! I'm getting more consistent, I'm sharing, I keep showing up!

Lisa, Communications


The reason I sought out Camy is because my plate was not divided proportionally - ⅞ of my plate is work. And I’m really feeling that I’m coming more into balance.  That's not to say that I don't trip and everything gets messed up on the plate. Every now then, I gotta go back and kind of scoot the peas off to where they belong and, you know, make everything look proper again. That's also part of this growth is recognizing that it's, it's okay to fall. It's okay to drop your plate, pick it up. It's a new day. And sometimes good enough is good enough.

Bryan, Teacher & Entrepreneur

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